6 Major Functions of Human Resource Management Your Business Need To Look Up

By KPSG Official Human Resources

The most important unit in a business is manpower. Human resource management (HRM) makes sure this important factor is achieving their highest potentials, improving their skills, happy and satisfied and seeing themselves staying in the company for so many years to come and most importantly HR team create a happy working environment where ideas and potentials can reach their fullest.

The human resource management role starts from planning before any action, then developing, moving to administration and carrying out programs designed to make efficient use of the organization’s human resources. They also manage the employee relations with other employees and with managers.

Through the whole process, the human resource management acts like the first point of contact with the employee in anything they need starting from simple inquiries to serious matters such as financial problems, conflicts and feedback.

In order to do that there are many major functions the human resource management take care of:

1. Recruitment and Selection

The HRM job starts even before the specialist are become part of the company staff. They go out there and try to find the best candidates and talents to cover all company needs and improve performance. Before any action taken, human resource management execute staffing plan based on the organization needs and they identify the numbers and positions needed. Then the recruitment process starts; captivating, screening, and selecting potential and qualified candidates based on objective criteria for each job. Recruitment must be done right to avoid any loss of making mistakes such as engaging with incompetent, unmotivated, and under qualified employees. To fire the unqualified candidate and hire another employee is an expensive process and it wastes time. KPSG Manpower Staffing Services solve the complex hiring challenges through an integrated recruitment process supported by latest technology such as online hiring platforms, psychological computerized tests, tele-recruitment service, so that each client finds the best candidate out there matching their requirement.

2. On Boarding

Welcoming new company employees and get them up and running is a major function of human resource management. Human resource management helps the employee fully understand the company’s vision and values and how the employee can help achieve the long-term and short-term goals of the company. On boarding includes letting the employee know their exact job description, job duties, and how their role is related to other positions in the organization and how important to the company goals.

3. Team Building and Company Loyalty

One very important function of human resource management is making sure all employees are working together easily and cooperatively. The team spirit must be high like and all members connected like one big family members. This includes creating team building activities for members to connect and get to know each other well. Human resource management takes care of making each occasion a chance for employees to have fun and connect such as birthdays, holidays, events, parties and trips. Human resource management also handles employee relations by strengthening the employer-employee relationship and measures job satisfaction, employee engagement and resolving any workplace conflict.

4. Maintaining Healthy Working Environment

Make sure that the working environment is healthy for the employees to avoid high turnover and costs of recruiting and training new employees that again can leave if not happy. This can be achieved when the human resource management motivates the employees, create a clear career path and rewarding system and at the other hand avoiding any negative actions that can affect the employee’s motivation and solve them with every way possible.Compensation and benefits is a very important aspect in keeping employee satisfaction. Some benefits given by companies can be working hour flexibility, extended vacation, dental/medical insurance, maternal/paternal leave, education reimbursement for children. One major function to do is by listening to feedback even without the employee comes and complain, but by regular one-to-one meetings or reports. Human resource management should also come up with a system to provide financial and non-financial benefits to the employees.

5. Training and Development

Human resource management’s role doesn’t stop with having the employee doing the job, but improving the employee’s performance to do it even better. Training employees and giving them the opportunity to grow and take wider responsibility is a major function of human resource management. Training and development is essential to ensure the future performance of an employee and investing their potentials and skills. Training is mainly done to keep the employees up to date with their respective areas as needed by the company. This function makes the employees be part of the process and makes them comfortable getting on their jobs with much ease.

6. Record-Keeping

The most basic function of human resources is employee record-keeping. This function involves recording, maintaining, and retrieving employees’ information for different purposes. The records maintained include application forms, health and medical records, employment history (jobs held, promotions, transfers, lays-off), seniority lists, earnings and hours of work, absences, turnover, tardiness, and other employee data. Complete and up-to-date employee records are essential for most personnel functions. These records help employees understand why certain statements have been made, and all information about their history in the organization.

Human Resource Management major functions focus on the recruitment of, management of, and providing guidelines to the manpower in a company. Human resource deals with concerns that are related to the staff of the company in terms of hiring, compensation, performance, safety, wellness, benefits, motivation and training. KPSG will takes care of everything for you starting from recruitment, then on boarding, Training & Coaching, Compensation & Benefit, Employee Administration, Inquiry, Employee Feedback & Counseling. In this arrangement, candidates are placed at the client’s work site while everything else is covered by KPSG.

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