How to Build a Recruitment Process That Hires Top Talent

By KPSG Official Human Resources

In a world consisting of employees and employers, a competition is not only between employees to get the best job and position, but also among employers who want to do recruitment process to find the best talent among all applicants. As a matter of fact, there’s a fierce competition between top talents to get what they’re looking for. They tend to be well-informed and know that they have more opportunities now, so recruiters need to be more creative and think a better strategy that involves things like baking employer branding into the company culture.

The right people might grow the company to rapid change, but the wrong ones only detain the growth. So many employers must think twice before deciding which one is the best employee. On this step, they need a recruiting strategy that provides a steady pipeline of people that ready to jump abroad. Employers may also offer a great experience throughout the recruitment cycle for the candidate, regardless of whether they sign the offer sheet.

Recruiting the best candidates requires effort from the HR department and it is important for the whole organization to maintain the reputation and great working atmosphere. There are many ways to communicate the benefits of being employed at a business, but your company can benefit from having a strategy that will gain attention from the right applicants.

These three practices could build a recruitment process that hires top talent to grow the company successfully.

1. Search for the High Potentials, Not Experience

Nowadays, the business environment is getting more complex, where culture, community, and people skills are so critical. Thus, desired hard skills and critical thinking as the ultimate judge in an old fashion of interview process are a risky way to hire a top talent. Recruiters are starting to leave bullets points on their hiring criteria like years expertise in the join field. Instead, they find people who have potential to develop for succession. Hire people who have the capacity to adapt to new challenges and flexible in their roles when the company takes unexpected turns.

The Recruitment Process Outsourcing from KPSG can solve this type of complexity of hiring process with the specifical design arrangement, from sourcing, screening, testing, to interview. Through Online Sourcing ( and comprehensive screening, we look for the most suitable candidates for your company by closely examining their experiences and identifying their potentials.

It is best to groom your talent at the very first step and create the environment that pushes them forward and upward to make them an internal rock star, instead of hiring “rock stars” from the very beginning. These types of employee tend to know their worth and may be searching for the next gig before your onboarding is finished.

2. Hire Diverse Talent from Different Backgrounds

Diverse talents who can provide support and advice for their team are great assets for great leaders. Members of a group who are coming from different backgrounds, having different personality types and strength will give the team a new perspective when doing a job. They will be able to debate ideas that challenge the team to grow. The mix will create more innovation, and as a result, the team will be more productive. To do so, a company could rely on Resources Provisioning Model (RPM) that provides human resources the number and specific qualifications required. For example, when looking for someone to fill back office, it is recommended to find the candidates from various sources instead of from one pipeline. Having a strong online sourcing can be a great benefit since these days many top talents with different backgrounds can be found online. Your workforce could be as diverse as possible to create a better work flow and also a better work culture for your company.

3. Create an Attractive Environment to Get Noticed by the Top Talent

Top talents are looking for opportunities to make a real difference in their work. They need to know whether their talent will be used optimally other than just being a machine. Recruiters need to think how to address things that the top talent valued the most in their work environment, such as the following:

  • Will there be learning opportunities to grow?
  • Will my surroundings be fun, supportive, flexible, and engaging?
  • Will my boss praise and recognize me for a successful job that I’ve done?
  • Is my new employer inclusive? Will I be able to share ideas, challenge the status quo, and provide input to the company?

During the recruitment process, top candidates are evaluating you as much as you’re evaluating them, so it’s important to make candidate experience a priority. Continue to improve your process by considering to ask for candidates’ feedback informally, or more formally via a survey.

Implementing these three recruiting best practices will make a powerful difference in the effectiveness and success of your recruiting programs. Tailoring each practice to the needs of your company will ensure that your recruiting function becomes a smooth and efficient process for hiring top talent.

It is critical to find and hire top talent for your company. Patience is the key so it’s better not to hurry at the very beginning, rather than having high turn-over that might be damaging your company.

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