How to Find the Right Candidate for Your Business

By KPSG Official Human Resources

Business is just a business when the company only consist of a group of people who just intend only to work in it. On the other hand, a business can grow into something vast and gigantic ones, when the employees of the company collaborate well and have a high dedication to the business.

In addition, employees perform significant role to fetch a company to its success. Hardwork and dedication from the employee, composed well with a good management, produce a successful business. However, every company, strives to employ the best candidates to their business. It is claimed as a hard competition. Why it is claimed so, when hundreds of candidates could be suitable for the task a company search? It is because the competition between each and another companies which run a similar business, is very tight. Better offer in salary and other advantages be the attractiveness a company sustain. Other is, when a company employs a wrong candidate for a specific task.

Now, let’s reflect to these questions. How dedicated are your workers? How best have they performed to help the business to perform its best? And have you hired the proper candidate for a proper task in the company?

If you are very sure that you’ve already employed the best ones for each task in your company, it means the recruitment strategy in your company is virtuous. If not, it never too late to fix the recruitment system in your company. Even though shooting the right candidate for your business is very challenging. In this stage, extra effort indeed crucial. Still there is no right or wrong method in recruitment strategy. The techniques may be vary. One company may suits different system with another company.Here are some methods that you can adopt in finding the right candidate for your business. It may not be a brand new approach, but these styles can be combined with your recruitment arrangement.

1. Assess Your Company’s Culture

To recruit the best people, you need to know what your company needs, the missions, values, and what type of individual that fits in? Also, what kind of mindset are you looking for? For instance, are you looking for an extrovert person that has a very sharp vision, who is very enthusiastic, and has many plans? Or a calm person who sees what is needed for the company and finds the best decision for a solution? Look at the potential candidates with bigger picture in mind and see how they rate. Because hiring someone who does not fit your company’s personality can be a very costly mistake. To avoid that, make sure that the candidate already passed the cultural fit, besides the job qualifications. It is important to understand the employee values and interest. Your mission and vision statement is a good place to start. It won’t define your culture, but should identify your company’s values.

2. Create Detailed Job Descriptions

Create job descriptions for each position, reflecting the responsibility, level of skill and experience required. Make sure these assets are obvious within the job advertisement. So that the candidates you are going to be interviewed really suits the requirements. Next, have a clear idea of what employees are supposed to be doing. Make a calendar activity. Explain in details of how the work should be done.

3. Formulate the Interview Questions

Elaborate the evidence of how the candidate has exhibited successful behaviors for the target job in past experiences. Ask for examples which prove that the person has applied the right skills to add the value. Also determine how the candidate has engineered those achievements.Take notes of the answers. When needed, conduct a reference calls to check the facts from the person’s previous supervisors and colleagues. The answers could probably verify his/ her facts.

4. Avoid the Charisma Trap

Remember, the most charming candidate is not necessarily is the best person for the job. And the less attractive candidate is not also necessarily is one who should not be on the list. In some cases a company does not need a Top Model look for the role needed. But in some cases the Top Model Look is required. Focus on the company’s needs. Focus on the behavior showed and facts of achievements that the person has accomplished. Do not rely on your feelings only. Recruitment decision should be founded on solid, objective factors.

5. Pay Attention on Their Attitude and Work Ethic

Even though you are interviewing the best leader from his previous job for instance, it does not guarantee his or her attitude is also good. Dig whether the person can go along with other employees well and also adjust your company’s culture. Give some examples of some challenges that the person might face in the future and see how he/she elaborates the answers. Also pay attention on the gesture because gesture plays a very important role on the process. There you can determine the characteristic of the candidate. And why character is also important, because it can help someone to achieve his/ her goals in life and vice versa.

6. Bring Them on Board

Once you have recruited the best candidate, the real challenge comes. Research indicates the retention rate of the new employees can be increased with a solid orientation program. Training and a brief explanation about the company’s profile is needed for the new employee. Besides patient training, you might consider in pairing the new employee with a more experienced staff, who can mentor and coach the person during his/her early days in the working place.

 After a comprehensive screening and having the best of the best as your team, do not forget to create a positive working environment. Train a winner mindset and create best leaders that can maintain a good team in the future. This can brand your company as a solid one. Happy recruiting!

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