The Benefits of Using Service Provider to Find Your Star Employee

By KPSG Official Human Resources

Over the past five years, many companies have invested in internal recruiting teams and as a result, they seem reluctant to invest in service provider recruitment. They seem to believe that their internal recruiters can gain access to high calibration candidates and as a result, fill all their vacancies. This is not obvious, and even the best internal recruiting teams are gaining in value by working with niche or specialist recruiters for the above reasons.

Now the acquisition of talent is on the agenda of most organizations, and the merger and cooperation between internal employers and service provider make sense. Recent studies indicate that internal employers rely less on service provider recruitment to fill vacancies, but most staff still publish strong results, while the monthly report on job growth is growing in the recruitment service industry.

Many industry commentators have long predicted a decline in the number of service provider recruitment, in the face of increasing competition from boards, internal recruitment teams, and social networking sites, but the industry continues to grow and offers an important pathway to the best talent. Newer models of acquisition or attraction may seem contradictory to the outside recruitment and the expectations of customers and candidates change and evolve according to technology, but there is still a key need to recruit specialists to find talent for businesses and help these talents to hire.

Most companies have seen service provider as advisors, their eyes and ears on the market, focusing on winning great candidates. As a recruitment consultant, your value proposition was usually the candidates you could find or know about, and an overall market analysis of trends and payouts, as well as the activity of your competitor.

So,what are some of the major advantages of using a service provider to find your employee?

Market Knowledge

The best recruiters will have a finger on the pulse of their specialized markets and can give the team knowledge of what is going on. They should know the talents available, where they are and how to contact them, pay rates, professional expectations, available skill sets, and current rental complexes. If other companies try to find the same person as they should, they should be able to advise on alternative solutions. The best will work as partners and co-workers, and they should still be your eyes and ears on the market.

Extended Reach

Some candidates are hard to find. They may be passive or selective. If you do not respond to job advertisements, do not consider yourself part of the "talent pool" and are too busy to search the full time, chances are they may have relationships with trusted recruitment professionals in your sector. Even if they are not currently active, there is a good chance that a good recruiter will know who they are and how to reach them. The service providerhas multiple networks - each consultant, candidate, client or co-worker has the potential to use their networks to help you connect with people with multiple skills and experience, many of whom are outside the radar of your own team or hired a manager.

Access to Key Strategic Skills

The number one reason why companies have been able to use service provider recruitment was to gain short-term access to key strategic skills, which has grown significantly over the past 3 years, now ahead of holiday and demand-driven peaks. With the current loss of talent currently potentially hampering growth, it is not surprising that this is the case. Although some of the reasons given may refer to permanent recruits, many also offer the opportunity to turn to qualified and experienced helpers in the short term. These flexible solutions are particularly important for a long-term project or initiative.

Of course, most companies will have their own reasons to use service provider recruitment, Here, at KPSG, we offer services to help your business improve productivity through Resources Provisioning Model, in which KPSG provides Human Resources according to the number and specific qualifications required by client, to fill job positions in the front line, back office or information technology, starting from administration, operators, staffs, up to managerial level. For many, this is a temporary staffing or last staffing facility that favors many larger companies as a way to monitor staff costs. For some, it may be short-term demand, and for others, it may offer the main route to the market to gain access to strong talents that otherwise would have missed.

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