Tips for an Effective Inbound Call Strategy

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We're living in an era where technology shows us how the business is done by revolutionizing it. The call center is not the only channel that connects your customers directly to your businesses. Now it is more common to find people use other support channels like social media, live chat, or email to raise a certain issue regarding your business' products or services. But still call centre activity, through inbound call strategy, is the most effective channel of it all because its service involves the management of communications from customers to your business directly in real-time.

Most companies that utilize inbound call handling do so in order to offer a better customer experience, improve sales capabilities, and save time for other tasks. The main goal is to make both parties satisfied, not only you treat your customers well while their problems are being solved, but you also put your business on good reputations.

Inbound customers service develops its own energy. For an inbound call, the activities happen through receiving a phone call. The services include customer service that specifically designed to cover the front-end call interaction between client and their customers, while inbound sales will convert the incoming calls into sales. Inbound calls also take notes from order taking for food & beverage industry and IT help desk for clients who would like to record, control, and monitor issue or service inquiries status of their customers.

The incoming calls are circling every aspect of the business, from its products to services. While the person in charge on inbound customer services are the representation of the business. They're not only addressing the customer's questions and concerns but also help to nurture the business-customer relationship.

Inbound call service offers direct interaction between the call centre agents that represents your business and the customer that seek help and information. The question is, how do you make your inbound call strategy be more effective in the digital age? These ways will enable your inbound call handling to stay update:

1. Have a Clear Call Process

Once the phone rang, the agent answers the phone with some greeting and an offer to help. The conversation begins here, and as a representation of your company, the agent needs to follow the steps to create customer satisfaction and sales. Start with greeting, like express the warm welcome to your customer and tell enough conversation about who they talk to. Then, create engagement where the agent responds to what problems or needs the customer had and send a good signal that you are listening to it. Dig a development, where the agent takes the order and gather around all the information they got. The most important thing is always providing the customer with accurate information as much as the agent can. Because any small inaccuracy just makes the customer angry and unwilling to trust what the company says. Next, try to present a solution before wrapping up the call. Try to offer any recommendation and special promotion. Always guide the agent to speak with decency to keep the conversation positive and in control, so the inbound call handling will be more effective in appropriate time.

2. Socialize the Hotline Number and Use the Reliable Provider

For effective inbound call handling, you need to make sure that your hotline number is connected to people who prefer to call rather than connected through social media or other channels. You need to put your hotline number in such strategic section on your website to make it more accessible. Phone calls cost money for business and it is much better to tailor your communication channels to those who need it the most. By using this strategy, you're more likely to have more calls coming in. Do not forget to have a proper phone that supported with a reliable provider.

3. Hire Qualified Agents Only

A few businesses are well known not only for good customer service. Despite being acclaimed for its products or services, many companies still lack of great customer service team or representatives. In order to reduce any inconvenience during the calls, it is vital to only hire the top agents who know the good etiquette. You can have your agents trained on how to handle specific phone calls or ask help from outsourcing company who only hire highly qualified people. This will ensure that your customers are getting the best information about your products and services in the most effective way.

4. Use Analytic Tool to Track Your Inbound Calls

Thanks to the strong call center solutions available today, it’s easier than ever to capture performance data. More and more call centers add new channels of communications, like email, chat, social media, and even text messaging. All of these customer interactions need to be monitored, measured, and optimized. You need to monitor the right performance data to identify which areas of your call center need improvement. The most successful inbound call centers are able to pinpoint the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that really matter (learn more about call center’s KPI in our ebook, The Ultimate Guide to Contact Center Excellence). In order to do this, you must first identify the needs and goals of your call center, and then pinpoint the persistent problems that are holding your call center back.

With the right combination of high qualified human resource, application and software that integrate multi-channel contact center, your inbound call strategy will be more effective in this digital age.

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