Understanding Manpower Staffing and Recruitment Process Services

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"Help wanted!" Everytime a company put this on the market; it is a sign that they seek a new employee through the process of finding and hiring new employees by sourcing a candidate with specific need and model.

 Typically, a company has the Human Resources division in charge. However, recruiting and hiring people sometimes become overwhelming duties with many risks, not to mention the cost. One of the solutions is seeking help from the third party.

Every company is different. What works well for one may not work well for others. They have reasons why they choose certain recruitment process to find its new employees. If they choose to get the help from the third party, they would put 100% trust to them for finding the most fitting candidates for their company. This phenomenon happens not only because of the cost cutting or raising the profit margin. Some companies hire the third party for human resources recruitment function to focus more on business core and strategy, to improve compliance, increase accuracy, resolve the lack of experience from the in-house team, or even only to take advantage of third party’s technological advance. There are plenty of reasons why a company chooses the third party to find its new employees. If your company or your human resources teams are having one of the reasons for partnering with recruiting service providers, then the deeper understanding about Manpower Staffing and Recruitment Process Services will be very helpful.

 What is Manpower Staffing and Recruitment Process Services?

 Usually, a third party human resource provides Resources Provisioning Model that offers human resources according to the number and specific qualifications required by the clients to fill the job in certain positions.

A company or human resources team can choose between two types of Human Resources Services from the third party: Manpower Staffing and Recruitment Process Services. As a form of the business process where an employer transfers all or some part of its recruitment processes to an external provider, both types of employee search process will provide the correct fit for the companies.

By obtaining services from the third party, you can expect the top quality candidates for even the most demanding positions because they design the workflow to integrate with your business, understand your company culture, and find the right tune for recruiting the best candidate for you.

 Manpower Staffing That Solves All Your Hiring Challenges

 Now, let's dig dive first with Manpower Staffing. It solves the complex hiring challenges through the integrated recruitment process. It delivers the recruitment process starting from Recruitment (Sourcing, Screening, Psychological Test and Interview, Placement or Replacement), Administration (Legal Administration, Operation Administration, Benefit Administration), Development (Initial Development: Briefing Company Profile and Work Ethic & Job Desc). In this arrangement, candidates are placed at client’s work site while the employment status will be under the third-party.

Usually, Manpower Staffing put in charge the soon-to-be employee for low to mid-level positions, such as IT support, administration, secretary, telemarketing agent, and much more. A recruitment process begins where a Manpower Staffing service provider acts as the representative of your company, promoting the good business you have, brand message, and scheduling an interview. After the staffs start working in the client’s site, the third party will still monitor the employee because basically they are under the third party management. Regular visits, coaching, and evaluation will be conducted by the third party. All the things are done on purpose to maintain a tight quality control. The final work is the reporting process where remains accountable to the client and provides report. Some manpower staffing service providers even add benefit of guarantee such as replacing your employees immediately if they are unable to fulfill the duty or resigning before the contract ends.

Go for Higher Level with Recruitment Process Services

The second HR service is called Recruitment Process Services. The Recruitment Process Services provider is often known by the name of Headhunter. They hunt the best people for their clients. Nevertheless, this method solves more complex hiring challenges through the integrated recruitment process. Recruitment Process Services uses an extensive database, from networking, data mining, social media, and an existing applicant tracking system to identify and select high-quality candidates for a suitable position. From there, Recruitment Process Services conducts a proper screening, including background and reference checks, skills, interviews, even a health screening to find a candidate that will be a good fit. Unlike the Manpower Staffing process, the purpose of Recruitment Process Services is to find a more qualified employee for higher level such as general manager or higher position with the status of the employment is under-client.

This is also the main purpose and advantage of an Recruitment Process Services provider. They specifically invest their time, energy, and resources to find the best possible and suitable person for the client. Then, they will present to the client with the best people for the job. All strong candidates are gathered and actively engaged with, creating a community for future hiring. The Recruitment Process Services provider track and trace every stage of the recruitment process, allowing reporting and insights for your company, in addition, to make the decision later. Recruitment Process Services remains one of the fastest-growing recruiting service models in the world because many companies are looking to compete with major players in their industry, to do so they need to fill the needs with top talents.

In the end, it's up to the needs of the company. Both methods have cost effectiveness. Like an old adage once said, time is money. So does what to decide best for your company when finding a new employee. The time is ticking, the employee is waiting, but you will do the decision making.

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